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Yahoo! Yahoo! Directory will close permanently by the end of 2014

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After 20 years the oldest and most important web directory: closes, because search engines are faster than a directory in the search of information. And to think that Google did not even exist when Yahoo! Directory began to provide millions of users around the world lists of sites, ranked for

16 years of Google. I will tell the story: Altavista-Yahoo-Google

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Google today, the much-loved (and hated by many – ed) search engine, He celebrates its 16 years. Her story in brief: year: – 1995: Larry Page and Sergey Brin (the two founders of Google – ed), had met in Stanford campus, to work on a new search engine. Originally it

E-Commerce: Social Media no longer affect purchases. After the fashion of the company.

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The first question is: There is that social media have never really influenced purchases? Who goes on Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. etc., there should be on their own time. So much “fooling around” and little ROI for the companies. It is always known, but “fashion is fashion” and social media

Facebook against Google, with Atlas: new system for online advertising

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Let’s focus on the numbers: – Google, closed the second quarter of 2014 with advertising revenues of 14.36 billion dollars. – Facebook has closed the second quarter of 2014 with advertising revenues of 2.68 billion dollars. The news, reported by the WSJ: Atlas is the new advertising platform to Facebook

SEO positioning for Russia: Yandex. Text translation Italian-Russian

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In Russia, unlike in Europe where Google spadrodeggia with various regional suffixes (.com / .fr / .es / .de and so on – ed) is not the first search engine, but it is (Яндекс). For those who want to export to Russia (to do export – ed) with

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