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WhatsApp: it has 430 million active users in 2014

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WhatsApp, instant messaging service for mobile smartphones, It has virtually doubled active users, rising from 200 million in April 2013 to the current 430 million today, with a consequent increase in the traffic of messages: from 20 million in 2013 to 50 million daily. Data on users of WhatsApp, They

SEO: how much patience you have to have? 3 months

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the magic number is three or three months of patience. Easy to say but not done. Think you have a cool head, patience and perseverance necessary? I highly doubt it. cultural issues: you want “all at once” But your problem is that the “all at once” on Google, does not

Damage Course SEO and Web Marketing Specialist

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it is a few years that I think, and the analysis of S.E.R.P.s known major changes: many “SEO specialist” consultants last hour that invade the top positions of Google, trying to “sell themselves to the fullest.” The question is, who has spurred them? Who but the SEO Specialist courses? How

Sale Mobile Apps in 2013: Apple earns 10 billion dollars

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For Apple, the year 2013, was the “best ever” as declared by Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Apple, the sale of the App for mobile phones. In December 2013, they have been downloaded to your phone, from the App Store (Apple’s online store – ed) nearly 3 billion applications,

SEO Google

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Consulting SEO / SEM / Web Marketing for the Search Engines E-Mail us Or fill out the form and Request a Quote: Who are they ? But mainly because Google has positioned their seo sites? Let’s find out together 😉 We observe for years, and are years that everyone analyzes

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